Praise the Lord!  We have grown from a handful of believers to a fast-growing community of believers. God has greatly blessed our ministry and our strength comes totally from Him.

Our Beliefs and Practices

Seeking to speak where the Scriptures speak and be silent where the Scriptures are silent, we seek to be CHRISTIANS ONLY, NOT THE ONLY CHRISTIANS.

The Nature of Man:

Man is by nature a sinner (Eph. 3:2).  He is a member of the fallen race (Rom. 5:18).


The Bible teaches we are saved by God's grace through man's faith (Eph. 2:8-9).  Salvation is a free gift & cannot be earned or deserved.  Man receives Christ by saving faith (trusting, obedient, faith).

Water Baptism:

Water baptism is immersion in water of a penitent believer. In the New Testament Church, every believer was commanded to be baptized (Acts 2:38). Baptism symbolizes:

     Cleansing and Forgiveness of Sins (Acts 2:38, Acts 22:16)

     New Birth (John 3:5)

     Circumcision of the heart (Col. 2:11,12)

     Death, burial, and resurrection (Rom. 6:3,4)

     Salvation (saving) (1 Peter 3:21)

Baptism is not an option for the true believer. While it does not impart salvation, it is an acid test of our true faith in Christ.

Eternal Security:

Once we are saved, become a son of God, and are sealed with His Spirit (Eph. 1:13) we are secure in Christ. Jesus said, "No one shall snatch them out of my hand." (John 10:28). While we have security in Christ, we need to heed Scripture Heb. 6:4-8.

The Holy Spirit:

Once we are saved, we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit (Eph. 1:13).  We are sealed with that Spirit. We are baptized by one Spirit into the body (1 Cor. 12:13). We are commanded to be FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT (Eph. 5:18) which means to be totally controlled by the Holy Spirit.  Evidence of the Spirit's presence is the fruit produced by the Spirit and visible for all to see (Gal. 5:22).

Church Government:

The Bible teaches that elders are to be the governing body of the church. Their qualifications are listed in 1 Timothy and Titus 1. The body of believers is to obey the elders in the sense of submission to them as men of God (1 Pet. 5:5, Heb. 13:17). The role of elders is to shepherd the flock of God (1 Pet. 5).  In the New Testament Church some elders are paid--those who work full time in preaching and teaching (1 Tim. 5:17).

The Lord's Supper:

Jesus established two ordinances, The Lord's Supper and Baptism. The Lord's Supper is to be observed by repentant, contrite believers who have examined themselves (1 Cor. 11:23-32). There is no frequency of partaking of the Lord's supper laid out in the New Testament, but we make it available at least weekly.

The Second Coming of Christ:

There are many opinions and positions held regarding the rapture, the second coming, judgment, etc. Many differing, elaborate charts have been prepared, each holding a different position. It is enough that Jesus will return again to this earth and gather His church (1 Thess. 4:17).  It will be at a time when no one expects it (1 Pet. 3:10). Jesus made the personal promise that He would return to this earth (John 14:3).

Spiritual Gifts:

All of the spiritual gifts are available to all ages; however, God is Sovereign, and the Spirit bestows gifts on whom He will. (1 Cor. 12:11). While sign gifts (tongues, healings, interpretations, miracles, etc.) are possible today, they must be operated according to principles laid out in Scripture, under the oversight of the elders of each local body.

The Ministry of Healing:

The Bible teaches that if the sick desire, they may call for the elders of the church to come, anoint with oil, and pray.

Worship and Praise:

God inhabits the praise of His people! (Psalm 22:3). The Bible teaches, and in fact commands us, to praise the Lord and worship Him (Psalm 150). Praise may be expressed by clapping and shouting (Psalm 47:1), by singing (Psalm 95:1), by bowing (Psalm 95:6), by kneeling (Psalm 95:6), by lifting hands (Psalm 63:4). Worship is the pouring out of all of our being in adoration to God.

Church Discipline:

Biblically we are to follow the steps of Matthew 18:15 in the case of a sinning brother or sister. Immorality is to be dealt with in love but concisely (1 Cor. 5:1). The Bible states that believers in the body are to judge other believers (1 Cor. 5:12) and that the church is to be obedient and submissive to its spiritual leaders (Heb. 13:17).